TEJI TUESDAYS - 5th December 2023

Finding joy, value in a post scarcity world, thinking like da vinci, AI videos

Issue #006 · 5th Dec, 2023

Hi All!

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Anyway, here is your weekly dose of TEJI, a weekly round up of what I’m pondering and exploring. Feel free to forward along to a friend if you think they might enjoy.

Finding joy through awareness

Last week I was in an Indian bookstore sitting on the floor browsing the bookshelves. Until a book literally fell from the top shelf straight into my lap. This book was called Inner Engineering - A Yogi’s Guide to Joy. Regardless of if this book was a message from the universe I had to buy it. I read the entire book in less then one day and found a tonne of value inside the book. I wrote a short Twitter thread here, inspired by what I took from the book, discussing the idea of reframing your perspective on challenging situations. If you’re into any kind of spirituality or self development I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Value in a post scarcity world

Imagine a world where AI has what some would say “taken” out jobs. In this new world you’re paid a universal basic income that covers your expenses. AI has become so efficient at this point the price of goods has dramatically decreased. Living has now become affordable. You have time to pursue what you’re passionate about without worrying about making money. Sounds great right? but in a world like this where do we find value?

I found a fantastic Twitter thread you should check out here if your interested in this exact scenario we may very likely end up in 30 years from now. Also, don’t think this isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. The quality of life today is dramatically better compared to 50 years ago. There are no wars and we are more comfortable than ever before with access to almost anything at the push of a button. So who’s to say this trend doesn’t continue in an upwards trajectory?

How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci

A few days ago I was browsing a bookstore in India. As I was browsing the shelves I met a 73 year old retired CEO named Allen. We ended up talking for hours about the future, creativity and what makes a successful entrepreneur.

He recommended me a book called How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: 7 Principles which covers the 7 principals that made Da Vinci great. I thought I’d share those seven principles here with you:

1) An Insatiable Curiosity and Thirst for Learning
2) Willingness to fail through practical experiments
3) Aware of the surrounding environment
4) Is comfortable with the Unknown
5) Can think logically and creatively
6) Healthy mind + healthy body
7) Understands the interconnectedness of all things

Me and Allen chilling (he does not look 75)

Create videos with text prompts

AI is only getting more powerful each and every week. This week I discovered a tool called InVideo which lets you generate entire videos with realistic voiceovers, captions and visuals. If you’ve ever wanted to get into content creation but would like to keep your identity private this is the perfect tool. You can create shorts for instagram or create long form videos for YouTube about any topic you want. There are a tonne of people right now utilising tools like InVideo to create faceless YouTube channels and TikTok accounts that generate huge amounts of income. Here is a video explaining how people are cashing in right now using AI automation on YouTube.

One of my craziest videos yet

This Friday I’m releasing one of my favourite videos from my trip through Africa! You can watch the premiere go live on the link tomorrow.

Feel free to give me feedback on Twitter. What did you like? What do you want more of? What do you want less of? Other suggestions? Please let me know. Just send a tweet to @TEJITOPIA and put #TEJITUESDAYS at the end so I can find it.

Hope everyone enjoys their week!



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