TEJI TUESDAYS - 21st November, 2023

TEJI TUESDAYS - November 21, 2023


TEJI TUESDAYS #4 - 21/11/23

Hi All!

Here is your weekly dose of TEJI, a weekly round up of what I’m pondering and exploring. Feel free to forward along to a friend if you think they might enjoy.

How to talk to strangers

As you probably have seen I’m always talking to strangers and befriending people everywhere I go. When I was younger I was much more shy and insecure, however since I’ve been away in Africa I’ve really come to appreciate how confident I have become when it comes to conversing with strangers. The key to this is often just listening more then you speak which ironically helps you become an even better communicator. The place where I picked this trick up along with many more like making sure to address others by their name (since we all love hearing our own names) - comes from a book called How To Win Friends & Influence People which is by far the best book I’ve read on communication. If you have Spotify you can listen to the audiobook for free if your not someone who likes reading hours of text.

How to be successful (advice from the guy who built ChatGPT)

If your following along with any news coming out of the AI space you would have heard that Sam Altman was recently forced to step down as the CEO of OpenAI. Upon hearing the news and seeing the huge backlash the company received after firing one of their greatest minds. I dived a little more into Sam’s history as a founder and came across his old blog and specifically a blog post called How To Be Successful which is a fantastic article detailing how to think independently, building self belief, knowing where to focus your energy and many more insights I think you will find valuable if you any bit like me and are interested in building things.

Imagine you had a 24/7 personal assistant that listened to every word you said

Continuing on the topic of AI, I stumbled across a new piece of tech this week on X I found very interesting. It’s an AI wearable that listens to all of your conversations and provides feedback on places in the conversation where you may have rambled for too long, or advice on things to cut out of your speech. Check out the short post here on X. Is this something you’d want in your everyday life? I’m still weighing up if I want to be recorded 24/7.

Changing your reality by changing how you react to things

I’m a strong believer in ones ability to control how they react to a situation directly correlating with ones enjoyment and fulfilment from life. There is a fantastic book I found called Reality Transurfing which covers this topic exactly and how one can learn to master their mind to bring forward the reality they want to live. I know it sounds airy fairy and a lot of people doubt the effectiveness of manifestation - but it makes sense, regardless of any external situation you find yourself in you are the one in control of how YOU react and giving that power away to any person or circumstance is stupid - You deserve to be happy and if you can learn to look at any fucked up situation as a comedy and place of growth your almost guaranteed to find yourself better off. I wanted to read the physical book but if I’m being honest the book is HUGE and extremely detailed, so I didn’t end up doing that and found someone on YouTube who read the key points from every chapter aloud. Check that out here if your interested and you can’t be bothered to read.

I stayed with a Nomadic family in the middle of the Sahara Desert

In last weeks video on YouTube I stumbled upon a nomadic family that lives in the middle of the Sahara Desert. They invited me into their community for tea and dinner. No one spoke ANY english so all I had to use for communication was my smile and hand gestures. It was a very memorable experience I don’t think I will ever forget. Go watch the video here if your interested.

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