TEJI TUESDAYS - 14 November, 2023

TEJI TUESDAYS - November 14, 2023


TEJI TUESDAYS #3 - 14/11/23

Hi All!

Apologies for missing last weeks newsletter! I was train surfing through the Sahara Desert and didn’t have a chance to connect to the internet. Anyway, Here is your weekly dose of TEJI, a weekly round up of what I’m pondering and exploring. Feel free to forward along to a friend if you think they might enjoy.

TEJI Train Surfing

Song of The Week!

The Kid LAROI - NIGHTS LIKE THIS produced by one of my all time favourite producers Clams Casino - the guy who made my favourite song of all time I’m God

Stop Believing Everything You Read Online

The internet can be a confusing place. The amount of information and misinformation is through the roof. But how do you filter between what you should believe online or simply ignore? This is where critical thinking comes into place. I recently found this great video about how the internet killed critical thinking. The video explains the current state of the internet and how to think for yourself and not blindly believe everything you see online.

Create your own app with no coding experience!

OpenAI the company behind ChatGPT recently released a new feature where users can create their own GPTs or mini programs tailored to do specific tasks inside the app itself. This is a huge opportunity for people with ideas for apps and no programming experience. OpenAI will also be opening a GPT store where you will be able to list your creations completely for free and earn income if they’re any good. Check out OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s demonstration on how GPTs work here.

Auto generate video captions on Final Cut Pro

For those here that edit videos using Final Cut Pro I have recently found a fantastic tool to help generate automatic captions for your videos. The amount of time I’ve wasted typing out captions word by word could’ve been saved if I knew about something like Captionator.

NOTE: This is only relevant if you edit your videos using Final Cut Pro since programs like Premiere Pro already have built in auto captioning tools.

I Infiltrated a Cult

I recently shot a video investigating a cult that operates out of a cafe hidden in Sydney’s Blue Mountains. I was able to infiltrate the cult and capture what some of their ceremonies and ways of life look like. Check out the full video below, it was a fun one!

I Got Invited To A Cult Gathering

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