TEJI TUESDAYS - 30th April 2024

be you, will ai make people lazy, tap and go, 1000 true fans, art of imperfection

Issue #027 · 30th April, 2024

Hi All!

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In a world where anyone can be anyone, choose to be you

I believe we as human beings are perfectly imperfect. It’s our flaws and imperfections that truely make us special.

In a world that’s becoming more formulated by the day with the rise of artificial intelligence and automation the need for human made is going dramatically increase. 

People will soon become tired of interfacing with robots, algorithmic content, and cookie cutter products and begin to yearn once again for human connection.

Human beauty is found within the cracks. Each of our flaws is exactly what makes us unique in a world soon to be filled of artificial copies. 

What makes human life special will never be able to be replicated by machine. There is a magic within all of us we will never be able to truely grasp and that’s exactly what makes life special. 

It’s the infinite search for the answer we will never quite grasp. It’s the chase, the journey and everything in between life and death that gives us meaning. 

This is why I love so called shitty art. Because it’s genuine. It’s real and It’s flawed. The shaky lines, the blurry footage, the poor editing. It all creates character within a work. 

While it’s good to aim for perfection with everything you do. I truely believe we should be chasing iteration over perfection if we really want to make progression as humans.

To whoever reading this I urge you to lean into your quirks and to follow the things that others might think is weird.

In a world where anyone can be anyone, choose to be you.

Stop trying to be perfect. That’s what the machines are for.

Will AI Make People Lazy?

I really enjoyed this short I found last week about how tools allow us to be less technical and more creative.

Tap At Your Own Risk

Cool artwork I found last week from Nik Bentel Studio.

“A painting that has a mind of its own as you interact with it. Will it charge you? Will it pay you?”

1000 True Fans

I’ve realised I don’t need everyone to enjoy what I create. As long as it clicks with one person that genuinely cares. That’s all that matters. I would much rather have 1000 of the right people then 1,000,000 of the wrong people.

If you’re reading this I consider you one of the 1000 people I genuinely care about creating for and want to take this time to thank you for always reading, listening or viewing what I have to say.

There’s a great blog post by Kevin Kelly called 1000 true fans I’d urge you to read if you’re trying to grow any kind of brand or community online or offline. It’s personally altered my own approach to creating and building an audience.

The art of imperfection

Diagram by Austin Kleon.

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Hope everyone enjoys their week!


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