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Decentralised social media, NFT's are fun again, Zuck vs Apple, free web3 course, amusement park by artists

Issue #018 · 27th Feb, 2024

Hi All!

Here is your weekly dose of TEJI, a weekly round up of what I’m pondering and exploring. Feel free to forward along to a friend if you think they might enjoy.

Decentralised Social Media

This week I’ve been diving into the world of decentralised social media. I’ve spent the last week playing around with a new app called Warpcast built by Farcaster. To keep things short it’s basically twitter meets reddit — users can follow not onlyother people but channels (similar to subreddits) about a range of topics.

Warpcast is beginning to feel like the new town hall of web3 and regardless of if the app catches on there’s a huge opportunity to get on the app to network and stay on the forefront of web3/crypto/nfts. Currently on X/Twitter there is way too much noise whereas Warpcast provides genuine insights and reach to anyone trying to connect with other builders in the space.

If you’d like to learn more you can listen to an interview here with the founder Dan Romero.

NFTs are fun again!

Last NFT bull run prices went completely through the roof and because there was so much traffic transaction fees become extremely unaffordable for your average person wanting to enter the space. I remember having to pay at least $100-200 USD for simple transactions when the Ethereum network was busy at times.

However, the rise of layer 2 networks built on top of Ethereum has helped to speed up transactions and bring fees down to $1-2. What this has allowed creators to do is mint way more work on chain. A platform I’ve been using lately to collect art I enjoy is Zora. Most of the work on there is completely free to pickup and all you have to pay is the gas fee which is typically a dollar or two.

Not only has it become more affordable to enter the space but a lot of the work on platforms like Zora is of much higher quality since 90% of the profile picture wave of monkeys, giraffes and whatever other weird animal creators chose to build around has disappeared as genuine art has entered the space. You now only need $20 to start building out an art collection online.

Also as a quick heads up users that use Zora by collecting work and using their network will be rewarded with an airdrop down the line…

I urge people to use all the latest tools because there are always airdrops and rewards for staying ahead of the curve. For example last week I got air dropped a free $2000 USD for simply minting a few pieces of work on a layer 2 network.

Zuck vs Apple

By now you have all seen the Apple Vision Pro and you’ve probably rolled your eyes at the $6000 price tag. There have been hundreds of videos going viral on social media of users walking around the city with a clunky headset trying to live their daily life.

However, I don’t think this is quite the future. I believe those headsets are closer to entertainment devices like TVs and computers and are something you will most likely use at home. Whereas something with a much smaller form factor like Meta’s Rayban Smart Glasses with built in AI assistants is much closer to something we will be using when we are out an about in the real world.

I personally think these smart glasses will be the thing that becomes the everyday device we pair with our phones opposed to the clunky headsets (in the short term at least)

Not to mention but Meta’s equivalent to the Apple Vision Pro the Quest 3 is 6 times cheaper. If you’d like to hear from Zuckerberg himself why he also believes he will win the hardware race against Apple check out this great interview here.

Free web3 onboarding call

If you’re reading this you’re probably in either 1 or 2 camps.

1) you use crypto and are already into nfts and web3

2) you have no idea how any of this works and the first two sections in this newsletter has went completely over your head.

Now if you’re in camp 2 I’d like to offer some personal help if you’re interested. I’m thinking of having a group discord call one night where I will walk a small group of people through all the basics of web3/crypto.

From setting up your wallet, to minting and collecting nfts — I’ll explain enough to get you started.

If this is something your interested in please join my discord server and send a message in the #general-chat channel so I can get some numbers as I put together our small group.

Amusement park made by artists!

Enough with all the tech chat it’s time for something call I found this week and it’s an old amusement park that’s being reopened in Los Angeles on behalf of Drake who has helped fund the park. Some of the bigger names who have helped design some of the rides include Jean Michel Basquiat, Salvador Dali and Keith Haring.

The reason why I find this so cool is because I hope to one day build something similar and have an entire TEJI amusement park with rides, an arcade, a cinema and custom merchandise built entirely around my world of characters.

You can check out this video and virtually explore the gallery. There’s also an interactive page on the official luna luna site you can explore the history of the space here.

Feel free to give me feedback on Twitter. What did you like? What do you want more of? What do you want less of? Other suggestions? Please let me know. Just send a tweet to @TEJITOPIA and put #TEJITUESDAYS at the end so I can find it.

Hope everyone enjoys their week!


TEJI (@tejitopia)

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