TEJI TUESDAYS - 23rd April 2024

Yews, Life Lessons From a 73 y/o, AI Video, Reversed Effort, Repeition

Issue #026 · 23rd April, 2024

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Stop Reading The News, Read The Yews

You probably didn’t know but Kanye West has his own small news outlet called Yews. The website is extremely simple, ad free and 100% free to browse. I personally prefer checking Yews instead of watching traditional news because we all know it sucks and half the time 90% of the stories make you feel like shit. Whereas Yews makes my news reading experience extremely simple and straight to the point with great curation of daily stories.

If you want to check out Yews completely for free click here.

Life Lessons From a 73 Year Old

You may or may not have seen a video on my YouTube channel called 30 Things I Try To Live By As A 23 Year Old Trying To Figure It Out. The video was originally inspired by a man called Kevin Kelly who every year on his birthday will put together a list of things he’s learnt living on the planet. I recently stumbled upon this years list and think it’s worth having a look if you have a spare minute.

If you don’t feel like clicking the link heres a few of my favourites

  • The best way to criticize something is to make something better.

  • Admitting that “I don’t know” at least once a day will make you a better person.

  • Don’t save up the good stuff (fancy wine, or china) for that rare occasion that will never happen; instead use them whenever you can.

AI Video is getting INSANE

AI video is getting crazier and crazier by the day. Check out a clip below to see how easy it’s becoming to generate and edit entire videos to your liking.

The Law of Reversed Effort

Have you ever been in any of these situations?

  • When you press to try to complete a creative task, you become less creative.

  • When you actively push to try to find the perfect partner, you rarely find that person.

  • When you try to force yourself to fall asleep, you stare at the ceiling awake.

This phenomenon is known as the Law of Reversed Effort, coined by author Aldous Huxley: "The harder we try with the conscious will to do something, the less we shall succeed."

If you’d like to learn more about how to do more by doing less check out this great twitter thread I found this week.

Repetition is The Father of Learning

Photo Credit: Nicolas Cole 

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