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Issue #012 · 15th Jan, 2024

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Information Diets

It’s January and millions of people around the world have made it their goal to get into shape for the new years. But what if I told you that you shouldn’t only be focussing on your physical appearance?

There’s an emerging trend called information diets that are only going to become more popular as we begin to see the long term effects of excessive media consumption.

I recently wrote an article about how our attention spans have declined dramatically over the past decade with the introduction of short form content. In the article I go over some strategies to rebuild your focus and take back your attention from the algorithms.

If you’re interested you can read the full article here.

Pencil Face Tattoo

Have you ever thought about the amount of resources and materials that go into something as simple as a pencil? I know it sounds fucking boring but
this video by Kerwin Frost explains why he got a pencil tattooed on his face.

I also wrote a similar article about the interconnectedness of all things we see around us you might find some value in. Both Kerwin’s video and the writing of my own article has helped me to understand the significance of depending on one another in todays world.

Hide Your Money

Over the past week I’ve dove into the world of online privacy. I’ve generally been an advocate for cryptocurrencies however the transparency that makes them great can also become a huge pitfall. Most people assume Bitcoin is untraceable since you’d always hear about people buying and selling drugs on the dark web with it.

However, in reality the majority of cryptocurrencies operate on a public blockchain — where each and every transaction can be traced back to its origins. All your cryptocurrency wallets are completely public. You can see how much Bitcoin or Ethereum someone has and where they have sent it.

You wouldn’t want anyone you come across to be able to check how much money you have in your bank account would you?

This is where Monero comes in — A privacy first cryptocurrency that keeps your wallet and all the transactions you make completely anonymous. Think about it like digital cash.

Which is ironically what Bitcoin was originally intended for as outlined in the white-paper by Satoshi Nakamoto.

If you’re interested in learning more about the importance of Monero I’d recommend checking out this video.

Owning Your Own Data

Last week I mentioned that I’ve recently been building out my personal website. Not only did I want to create a place that could house an archive of my online content — but somewhere I owned entirely.

I was tired of getting my posts removed across platforms for violating community guidelines. So I coded my own website from scratch — I’m now able to maintain ownership over all of my data. I own all the files and posts inside of an extremely small folder on my desktop, that can be booted up anywhere in the world if my own server were to go down.

I’d highly recommend you purchase a domain name and spin up an extremely simple website you can begin posting on. This video is a great explanation on why you should start building out your own site.

I Made My Own Slip N Slide

All the above topics are quite serious so here’s my latest video of something a little more playful to remind you to take a break from the seriousness of life and do something fun every now and again !

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